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What We Do

Search Marketing Strategy

Google doesn't exist in China! Baidu is the king! What works with Google won't work with Baidu. We've the experience, expertise, and the right strategy for all your SEO and SEM needs in China.

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Social Marketing Strategy

Getting your message across in China's social networks can be a challenge. There are fewer networks and a lot more noises! With our social strategy, we can help you get your message across on the right network.

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E-Commerce Distribution Strategy

China's e-commerce is insane! You got Tmall, JD, YHD, Taibao, Westore, Amazon China, and VIP which platform should you use for you use to sell your product?

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Mobile Strategy

China is one of the largest smart phone market in the world. 89% of all internet users in China do there shopping on their smart phone. We can help you get your business mobile ready with our strategies.

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Who We Are

Grizzly Panda is digital marketing agency who specialize in helping business owners in both Europe and North American establish themselves in the growing market of China. We have locations both in Toronto Canada, and Shanghai China. We believe that China is truly a unique market unlike any where else in the world, what works outside of China will most likely not work in the hyper competitive market of China.

Our business philosophies. Don't worry they're simple. We believe in keeping things simple. This means you can expect clear and straight forward communication from us as we expect it from you. We believe that every business requires great marketing. To us marketing is about self expression, it is about expressing exactly what you want your customers know about your company and your brand. We believe in making a contribution to the world. We believe that we are doing our best to put our skills and talent to enrich our clients business, but we also want to believe that our client's are doing their best to make a difference in the world.

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