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7 Channels to Sell Your Products in China

Are you looking to sell your products in China? While many will advocate eCommerce as a channel to sell your products in China, it is certainly not the only channel and in some cases, not even the best channel. With China’s rapid development and growth. Government rules, regulation, and laws have open new and easy…

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How to Market to China With Sina Weibo Fensitong Advertising

When most people talk or think about Weibo in China, they think that it is a social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Weibo is not a social media platform in China. I know you might be thinking to yourself “what?!!!!”, but it is true. Weibo in Chinese literally means “microblogs”, in fact, in…

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How to Accept Payments From 1.3 Billion Chinese Consumers

Running an eCommerce store? Want to get more Chinese customer to buy your product? When I set out to discover the truth about how the 1.3 billion Chinese Consumers pay for their product and services online. I did not settle for finding the top 5 most popular online payment gateways in China, but I went…

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One Step Closer To WeChat SEO – WeChat Official Accounts Contents Now Can be Linked To Each Other

With the release of IOS11 on June 6, 2017, WeChat also announced that they are taking one more step in building their ecosystem. Now if you have multiple WeChat official accounts, you can link contents to each other. Editing block now offers a new button to add links Keep in mind that you’re only allowed…

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How to Attract 523,700 Chinese International Students to Your School

According to the Chinese Ministry of Education (MoE) from 2014 to 2015, the number of Chinese students studying abroad had an increase of 13.9%, which brings us to a total of 523,700 Chinese students. If we were to put this into perspective that’s just about the entire population of Washington D.C in the USA (601,723),…

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6 Books That You Should Read If You’re Doing Business in China

Let’s be real, if you’re a looking for information on marketing to China or doing business in China, there aren’t that many out there. Only a hand full of books are written on the subject of doing business in China, and most of them are on the subject of sourcing and importing from China. This…

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