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How To Measure Social Media ROI In China

Consistency. Quality. Efficiency. These are the words we must consider while constructing a vigorous social media campaign. The world of social media has long been viewed as inept or wasteful philosophies lacking productivity. Money, time, and energy are exhausted without rhyme or reason, but that ends today. This read will help comprehend how to quantify…

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Top 5 Mistakes Educational Institutions Make When Marketing to China

No more excuses. It’s time to get serious about attracting Chinese international students to your school. It’s time that foreign school start to take marketing to Chana serious and justify the energy, money, and time spends on attracting Chinese international students. But attracting Chinese international students isn’t easy. Many foreign schools simply make too mistakes…

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How to Recognize and Avoid Fraud Clicks on Baidu PPC

If you’re paying for Baidu PPC and you are you fed up with paying for clicks that won’t result in a sale, or else just outright fraudulent then you will want to read this article carefully. Unfortunately, fraudulent clicks on Baidu PPC are real. While, it is next to impossible to prevent fraud clicks to…

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Top 10 Culture and Superstition You Must Be Aware of When Marketing to China

When it comes to marketing to a country with more than 5 thousand years of history, traditions and very superstitious people, a wise foreign brand will be very careful to understand it’s culture and superstitions. While China has hundreds of different superstitions, culture practices, and traditions that will vary from region to region. In this…

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7 Channels to Sell Your Products in China

Are you looking to sell your products in China? While many will advocate eCommerce as a channel to sell your products in China, it is certainly not the only channel and in some cases, not even the best channel. With China’s rapid development and growth. Government rules, regulation, and laws have open new and easy…

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How to Market to China With Sina Weibo Fensitong Advertising

When most people talk or think about Weibo in China, they think that it is a social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Weibo is not a social media platform in China. I know you might be thinking to yourself “what?!!!!”, but it is true. Weibo in Chinese literally means “microblogs”, in fact, in…

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