How to Brand Yourself in China

Brand Audit

Do you know the strength of your company brand? What is your brand’s position in your market’s mind? We will do an thorough audit of your personal brand and how well your brand story will match with your ideal market in China. A brand audit will help you determine the effectiveness of your brand position in China’s market and uncover any weaknesses or culture mismatch.

Brand Makeover

What works for you outside of China may not work for you in China. Your brand may connection with your current market but due to the vast difference in culture your brand maybe misunderstood. Many giants of industries such Walmart, McDonald, KFC, etc.. has change their brand image and message slight to fit better with China’s market.

Brand Awareness Strategy

Do you want to gain more exposure in the vast and highly populated market of China? Do you want your brand to be a household name in China? If you answer yes to both of these question then our brand exposure service is for you. We’ll utilize our skills and expertise to communicate your brand image, and story to the people of China.

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