Display Marketing

Baidu Display Network

Just like Google Display Network, Baidu has more than 60,000 websites on their display ads network. And you can specifically target yours ads on these network across different devices, websites, and social media platform. We can help you analysis and target the right audience on these display network and help you achieve positive ROI on your ads.

Real Time Bidding

Real time bidding is the act of bidding or paying for advertising inventories in a per-impression basis in real time. With most display network the amount of money you spent is directly related at how well you can optimize your real time bidding strategies. At Grizzly Panda we use highly advence real time bidding(RTB) technology to optimize our clients bidding strategies.

A/B Split Testing

A/B split testing is a method of comparing two versions of a web page, ad, or app to optimize it’s performance. The goal of any split test is to increase conversion of clicks, sign ups, lead generation, phone calls or sales. We can help you optimize your sales funnel and display ads with sophisticated tools to grow the business that you love.

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