Mobile Marketing

Mobile Optimization

Within the first hour of your visit to China, it should be very apparent that mobile is the driving force for most of China’s internet user. We can make sure that your website is mobile optimized with reponsive design or mobile first design.

QR Code Funnel

Mostbusiness owners know the existence of QR Code but very few take them seriously for their own business as they’re not so popular around the world except for China! QR is the way to gather leads, make a sale, grow your customer base in China. QR is everywhere in China and if you want to do business in China you simply cannot do without them.

SMS Marketing

Since most of the internet users browser and shop using the smart phone in China, SMS marketing in China is a vital part of any business who wants to succeed in China. We can help you leverage the power of SMS marketing in China to communicate, and connect better with your customers.

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