Social Media Marketing

Social Media Account Management

Setting up and management all the social accounts in China can be frustrating. Creating an offical WeChat business account will require official Chinese citizenship ID. We can setup and manage all your China social media accounts so you can focus on what you do best.

Social Video Marketing

Everyday more and more videos are being consumed on the internet. We can help you distrubute your videos on Toudou, Youku, and Sohu the three biggest video sharing site in China with well over 214million users.

Social Paid Advertisement

Did you know that you can advertise on Wechat and many other social media platforms in China? We can help your create successfull paid social media campaigns that will sell more product and services for you without lossing all your money.

Live Streamer Endorsements

Live streaming is extremely popular in China, there are thousands of popular live streamer a.k.a “wanghong” who has millions of viewers and followers. We can arrange endorsements with these live streamers to get your message, products, or services across to their millions of viewers.

Wechat Marketing

Wechat is an instant messager app created by the Tencent, the same company that created QQ in 1999. In away Wechat is like the Facebook of China, although it’s primary function is allow instant messaging between friends and instead of Facebook timeline there are Wechat Moments. So as you can see marketing your product or services through Wechat could open a floodgate of traffic and exposure to you and your business.

Weibo Marketing

Most people tend to think that Weibo is twitter of China, and this is not exactly right. If we were to break down the words “Wei” and “bo” it would actually mean a mini blog or microblogging. There are actually more than half a dozen Weibo in China such as Phoenix Weibo (凤凰微博), Sina Weibo (新浪微博), Tencent Weibo (腾讯微博), Sohu Weibo (搜狐微博), etc… But for the sake of marketing your business to china the only two Weibo we need to care about right now is Sina and Tencent.

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