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Moment Card Ads, WeChat New & Powerful Ad Format

On May 18, 2017, WeChat launched its ad type. This new format is very powerful and dynamic that improves audience engagement from the traditional moment ads and banner ads.

Above is an image of the new ad format. It shows the before and after of the ads format.

The new ad format still contains “ad” label at the top right corner, however, the new expanded version involves the linkable title, description, and image into a larger post-card like block, which efficiently utilized the space than before.

Features and Case Studies:

Below are some brand leveraging this new ad format already.

1 Mercedes-Benz

Video content now is not getting laid in a small window anymore. The new enlarged format takes over the whole screen.

The visual effect of new Mercedes-Benz ad is enhanced by leaving audiences nowhere to go.

2 Cartier

Pairing static text with dynamic creatives delivers much more information than a single image.

Cartier 520 campaign (i.e. May 20, similar to Valentine’s Day), connected maze and its Amulette de Cartier series, ultimately conveyed the idea of “finding love in the maze with your right one”.

3 L’Oreal

One click away from the ad to the landing page. Conversion funnel minimized.

L’ Oreal Cannes film festival campaign with offering a limited amount of gift set. Any intercalation on the ad will lead the user to the customized landing page, which makes the audiences easier to convert.


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