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WeChat’s New Ad Format Could Be the Ultimate Tool for Advertisers

Any sophisticated and experience social media advertiser will understand the importance of creating “Native Ads” which are essentially advertising that blends into the standard contents of that social media channel. In other words, ads that don’t look like ads but rather engaging contents.

The challenge, of course, is coming up with the creatives for the ad. It is often a hugely time-consuming process, and for a smaller advertiser without a full creative team at their disposal, this can feel like an impossible task.

This is where WeChat new fully-customizable Moment Native ads come into to play.

With this new update, WeChat provides an easy to use drop and drag options for advertisers to quickly create their own creatives. This new ad format supports image, video, text, CTA, multiple pages, or any combination of these.

For advertisers with the ability to fully customize their creatives, this update would also help to deliver the same message in the multiple formats, such as full landscape video, long video, multiple CTA, so on and so forth.

Let’s take a closer look at this new ad format by going through two case studies.

How Rongyao 9 Used this New Ad Format To Sell Their New Phone

Rongyao 9 smart phone company in China, filmed a short suspense story featuring celebrity to showcase the capabilities of their new camera. A short version of this film is initially displayed on the Moment ad, and if the users can simply click on the ad to watch the entire film.

After the user finishes watching or if the user skips the video. They’ll be taken to a landing page with the specification and details of the phone along with a Call to Action to purchase the phone.

How Long Zhi Gu Used Videos to Promote Their New Game

Mobile gaming is an extremely competitive industry in China. Long Zhi Gu(龙之谷), an action mobile game made a 60-second video along with sophistically designed pages to showcase their gaming features.

They created two eye-catching CTAs at the top and bottom, and use it to funnel visitors to the corresponding download page. As a result, Long Zhi Gu had acquired a lot of quality new players with a CPD (cost per download) of 2 USD, which is dramatically lower than the standard benchmark.

How to use the new WeChat Ad Format

Now, that you have a better understanding of this new WeChat update, and hopeful you see the power of this new ad format. Let’s talk about how you can actually take advantage of this new feature.

  1. Create new ads and follow the basic settings.
  2. In the creative interface, choose “Immersive Experience” (沉浸式体验)
  3. Then, select “Customized Native Promo(自定义原生推广页)”, and proceed to the setting page.

 4. Add an image, video, H5 pages, CTA, content, etc…

And that’s it your new creative ads are ready to go.


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